At 18|8 Chicago, we’re proud to be a comprehensive partner in style to men of all ages in Chicago, and our barbers and stylists have worked incessantly to perfect our world-class men’s haircuts, undeniably classic straight shaves, and our other premium men’s grooming services. But while we’re known for helping you get the cut and style of your hair just right, for many men, the problem isn’t the haircut: it’s the hair! If you’re noticing your hair starting to thin, fall out, or go bald, we know how anxiety-inducing that can be – but fear not. Hair restoration treatments can help many men recover their luscious locks, and 18|8 Chicago is here to help.

What Is Hair Restoration?

At a basic level, hair restoration refers to any treatment or grooming service designed to help restore damaged or otherwise problematic hair, but it’s most commonly used to slow or reverse balding. Hair restoration treatments can range from specially-made shampoos or hair products to full-blown scalp transplant surgeries: it all depends on the degree of your hair loss and how important a full head of hair is to you.

Hair Restoration Treatments in Chicago

While we’re certainly no surgeons, our team of stylists at 18|8 Chicago offers a number of hair restoration treatment options. We offer a variety of scalp creams, shampoos, and other products dedicated to repairing hair follicles and strengthening thinning or balding hair, helping you reclaim the bold, luscious locks you’re used to. Your stylist will talk with you to understand the specifics of your hair problems and recommend the ideal treatment, and if you decide you’re looking for more intensive hair restoration therapy, we’ll be happy to help guide you to the right treatment.

Contact Your Chicago, IL Barbershop

Thinning hair and balding are no fun, but thankfully, 18|8 is here to help you get back to a thick, healthy head of hair. Contact us today to learn more about hair restoration and the treatments we offer, or simply book an appointment online if you’d like to come in to get a cut or talk over your hair restoration options. We look forward to hearing from you, and we’re excited to help you reclaim the full, healthy head of hair you deserve!