Explore Men’s Waxing Services at 18|8 Chicago

Manscaping your body’s hair growth is more than just a haircut or straight razor shave. It means controlling those wayward hairs and removing hair in places you don’t want it seen. And while men tend to examine other parts of their body for unwanted hair, they sometimes overlook the hair that could be staring them right back in the face – eyebrow, nose, and ear hair. At 18|8 Chicago, we make it our duty to notice all of the areas where we can improve how you look and feel. Our waxing services focus on the neck up to compliment many of our other grooming services including men’s haircuts, manicures, and facials. With waxing at 18|8, you get on average four to five weeks of hair-free confidence. The more regular you are, the easier your hair is removed on subsequent visits.

Waxing Is The Solution

Of course, regular haircuts and either shaving or trimming your facial hair is a must for good grooming. But what about those more difficult areas where your hair gets out of control? For  more and more men, trimmers just aren’t cutting it. And you could pull the hairs out of their unwanted locations one by one with tweezers, but (ouch!) why would you want to? The barbers at 18|8 Chicago have come to the rescue by offering waxing services for eyebrows, ears, and noses. The 18|8 barbers are trained skin experts and are best qualified to remove hair from these sensitive effectively and with the least amount of pain.

Waxing Eyebrows

Waxing eyebrows can be a bit tricky for men because, unlike women, men don’t really want a fine edging around the brows. What men do want is two neat, matching brows that are shaped to flatter his face in a natural-looking way. So whether it’s simply shaping your brows or ridding yourself of a unibrow, waxing can do the trick. Having professionals at a men’s salon like 18|8 Chicago waxing your brows will give you that clean, fresh look with brows that don’t look over-groomed. You’ll leave looking great, but with no one really figuring out why.

Waxing Nose Hair

Avoid those one-hair-at-a-time tears with a nose wax. It might seem crazy, but nose waxing has been a growing trend for almost a decade.  Your salon expert will apply a layer of wax just inside the nasal cavity. Care is taken not to remove the hairs deeper into your nostrils that are needed for filtering out the pollutants in the air you breathe. Some men who have thick nostril hair removed have reported better sleep and less snoring after a nose waxing.

Waxing Ear Hair

While you may not be focused on checking your ears for hair (there are so many other places you have to check!), that doesn’t mean that others won’t notice those really long stray hairs poking out of your ears or off the top ridge of your ear lobe. Again, plucking or even shaving is an option, but the more thorough and longer-lasting option is ear waxing. The 18|8 skin care specialists can carefully wax your ears, inside and out and get all of the hairs at one time in only about five minutes.

Minimizing Waxing Pain

The staff at salons like 18|8 Chicago are trained professionals who can not only eliminate unwanted hair and make you look your best, they do it all while minimizing normal waxing discomfort. There are a few tricks they perform to make this happen:

  1. Use Quality Products. Reputable men’s salons like 18|8 Chicago use high quality wax that aids in pulling the hair and not the skin.
  2. Stretching. Waxing professionals know how to stretch the skin tight wherever possible before applying the wax so that when it is pulled off, the hair is pulled out by the wax rather than the skin.
  3. Pull At Right Angles.  18|8 salon experts know how to remove the wax carefully by keeping the wax strip at a right angle to the skin until it is completely removed.
  4. Soothing Creams. Immediately after waxing, your salon expert will apply a hydrating lotion that will calm your upset skin and leave you with a cool sensation.

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