The Top Hairstyles For Men This Fall

As a modern gentleman, you put care into how you present yourself to the world – but more often than not, people notice your hairstyle before they pay attention to your sharp suit or thoughtful accessories. Whether your personal style is professional, preppy, chic, or casual, your haircut can make or break your look. To spruce up your style this season, explore these popular Fall 2018 men’s haircuts and visit us for an appointment today!

Long Manes Can Be Manageable!

The coming Chicago cold provides the perfect excuse not only to embrace your facial scruff, but also to rock some longer locks. Picking a longer hairstyle can seem intimidating at first, but our expert Chicago men’s stylists are ready to help you dream up and deliver your ideal perfectly-imperfect long-hair look. Some of fall’s most popular looks include:

  • Mod Haircuts: Modern interpretations of the classic 60s British trend.
  • Chin-Length Hair: For those weary of the man bun who still want to rock longer locks. This tends to work best for men with naturally wavy or curly hair.
  • The Man Bun: Yes, we said it! Wear your long hair up in a bun or down with sea salt spray for added texture.

Let Your Short Haircut Make A Big Statement

All that said, short hair is popular for a reason: it’s modern, effortless, and above all, easy to maintain. However, a short haircut can run the risk of coming across as bland and uninspired. Try balancing out your shorter hair with a beard, and be sure to consult with one of our Chicago men’s hair stylists when picking your ideal variation on one of these shorter coifs:

  • Short Textured Crop: This style incorporates layering and a slightly shaggy top fringe to create intrigue.
  • The Fringe: A more interesting take on the “short sides, long top” cut with unstructured locks piled on top of the head.
  • Slicked Back Undercut With Beard: Here, a traditional undercut is made more dynamic with the way it’s styled.

18|8 Chicago Offers A Hairstyle For Every Man

Whether you’re ready to adopt a new signature style or you’re just looking to sharpen up your existing haircut and shave, 18|8 Men’s Salon Chicago is here to help. Our professional stylists are dedicated to helping you look and feel like your best self. Book an appointment with us today – we’re excited to see you!