Fall 2018 Hairstyles For Men

The Top Hairstyles For Men This Fall As a modern gentleman, you put care into how you present yourself to the world - but more often than not, people notice your hairstyle before they pay attention to your sharp suit or thoughtful accessories. Whether your personal style is professional, preppy, chic, or casual, your haircut [...]

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Hair Restoration For Men

At 18|8 Chicago, we're proud to be a comprehensive partner in style to men of all ages in Chicago, and our barbers and stylists have worked incessantly to perfect our world-class men's haircuts, undeniably classic straight shaves, and our other premium men's grooming services. But while we're known for helping you get the cut and [...]

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Why Facials Aren’t Just For Women

Quality skincare and facial treatments are a luxury often only associated with women, but smooth, healthy skin doesn’t only have to be for the fairer sex. Men tend to suffer from the same skincare problems as women do (sometimes even worse), so why should they be pushed to the wayside in the conversation about skincare? [...]

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Are You a Good Candidate for Grey Blending?

At 18|8 Chicago, our mission is simple: help the men of downtown Chicago and the greater Chicago area look their best every single day through barbershop-quality haircuts, shaves, and other grooming services. But while the cut and style of your hair is crucial to your look, it's all too easy to forget about color – [...]

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Tips for Thicker Hair (For Men)

Some guys are born with the thick, luscious hair we all dream of – but for many men, battling thin, brittle, or breaking hair is a constant challenge. If you find yourself in the latter camp, don't despair: even if you were born with wispy-thin hair, there's plenty you can do to thicken your strands. [...]

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