A Fresh Cut from a Professional Barber: The Benefits of Visiting an Upscale Barbershop

As modern trends continually change in men’s grooming, one thing remains constant: the importance of visiting an upscale barbershop for a fresh haircut. For those looking for a new hairstyle or searching for inspiration, there is no better place than an experienced barber.

Whether you’re seeking a classic style or something more modern, a professional barber or stylist can help make your vision come true. With years of experience and specialized skills, our stylists and barbers at 18|8 River North in Chicago, provide handcrafted haircuts and other grooming services tailored to the individual needs of their clients in an environment designed for the modern man.

Get A Professional Haircut Tailored To You

At our upscale barbershop, guests will find a variety of popular men’s haircuts that are sure to turn heads. From slick backs and pompadours to tapered sides and high-volume quiffs, our professional barbers and stylists are well-versed in all the latest men’s hairstyles. By opting for a men’s haircut with a hair expert at a high-end barbershop like 18|8 River North, you can be sure to enjoy the many benefits of a fresh, professional cut. Rest assured that they’ll help you find the perfect look that best suits your face shape, hair texture, hair density and personal style. In addition, the experts at our Chicago men’s salon will coach you with tips on how to get the most out of your look, including which styling products work for your hair, and how to style it daily so you can feel confident that you’re always looking your best.

Man Getting Straight Shave

Quality Men’s Grooming Services

In addition to great haircuts, our modern barbershop offers other services related to men’s grooming. Guests can get their beards trimmed and groomed, or they can opt for full facial hair services such as a classic straight razor shave, mustache trimming and facial waxing. Moreover, we offer scalp treatments to rejuvenate your scalp and promote healthy hair growth and manicures that keep your nails clean and strong. We strive to be a one-stop shop for everything men’s grooming. So, whatever your needs may be, and whatever service you choose, you can be confident that your Chicago barber is knowledgeable in the latest trends and will deliver quality results every time.

Upscale Atmosphere and Amenities

The atmosphere and amenities at an upscale barbershop are also very appealing. Unlike a traditional barbershop, our high-end men’s salon offers clients a more relaxed atmosphere that allows them to sit back and enjoy the ultimate grooming experience. From hot towel shaves to craft beer and wine, there is something for everyone. You can even catch the latest game in our lounge while you enjoy a beverage and relax before your appointment.

Above all else, visiting a professional barber is about trusting them with your look. A good barber or stylist is more than just someone who gives haircuts – they’re someone who truly listens to their clients and goes the extra mile to deliver results that meet their needs. No matter what look you’re going for, you can rest assured that your barber will take their time to perfect it while always keeping up with the latest trends in men’s grooming.

Book Your Professional Haircut in Chicago Today

At the end of the day, visiting an upscale barbershop or men’s salon, allows you to enjoy quality haircuts with all the amenities of modern grooming. If you’re looking for a fresh cut or just need some advice on men’s hairstyles, be sure to book an appointment with one of our experienced Chicago hair stylists. With years spent perfecting their craft, our stylists and barbers will help you find the perfect style by providing results tailored to your individual needs and wants!  Give us a call at (312) 874-7188 to set up an appointment or book your next visit online at our Chicago, IL salon and barbershop. We’re located at 124 W. Kinzie Ave. in the River North district. Get ready to discover the 18|8 experience, one that goes above and beyond your average hair salon or barbershop.