With so many types of razors on the market, you may not have considered giving a straight razor a try. Some may feel intimidated by the long single blade. Others may feel like they have earned their “man” badge by using a dangerous-looking straight blade. There are actually some great benefits to shaving with a straight razor and with 18|8 Chicago’s Fine Men’s Salon it will be easy to experience all of them. Here are the top five.

1. Best. Shave. Ever.

The most obvious and long-lasting benefit is that a straight razor shave will be the closest and best men’s shave of your life. Period. Using a single blade is the best way to get a super close shave. The single, sharp blade of the straight razor is made from a quality steel that stays sharper than cartridge razor blades. And with a pre-shave oil and lather of cream, your whiskers will be softened and prepared for that close razor shave. You’ll notice the difference. And so will others.

2. Reduces Skin Irritation

It makes sense that if you only have one blade pass over your skin, your skin will be less irritated than the multiple blade shaves of cartridge razors. With a straight razor, it only takes one stroke to get that super silky close shave and leave you with super silky skin without the razor bump irritation. For the same reason, you’ll have less chances to cut yourself, and less chances to miss a patch of stubble. Plus, with a close straight razor shave, you’ll usually only need to shave every other day, giving your skin a breather from the blade.

3. Saves Money

While there is an investment to be made in purchasing the tools needed to shave with a straight razor, the one-time purchases can last forever, versus purchasing razors and disposable cartridges for the rest of your life. You will want to purchase not only a high-quality straight razor, but also a strop, hone, shaving bowl, brush and a few other accessories. If you’d rather forego the investment and pamper yourself at the same time, consider employing a professional barber for your straight razor shave. The men’s barbers at salons like 18|8 Chicago are experienced in using the straight razor and will give you a close shave every time that’s well worth the affordable cost.

4. Environmentally Friendly

No more throwing away disposable plastic razors or packages of old razor cartridges after a few uses and adding to the growing mounds of trash in our environment. Using straight razors – either ones your purchase, or ones that your Chicago barber uses – cuts down on waste and enhances our environment. Using a quality shave soap in place of canned shaving cream also eliminates those empty cans from the environment.

5. A Tranquil, Satisfying Activity

There are a few ordinary tasks in life that can be great medicine for relaxing. Shaving is one of those tasks. If you’re shaving yourself, the concentration that is required to shave carefully with a straight razor can almost have a meditative affect. At men’s salons like 18|8 Chicago, you’ll find cushioned barber chairs in a comfortable environment and aromatherapy added to your shave through the use of the shave cream, moisturizers and hot and cool towels. The process of a straight razor shave allows you to slow things down, relax and enjoy the finer things in life – like a close shave.

Check Out A Straight Razor Shave For Yourself!

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