At 18|8 Chicago, our mission is simple: help the men of downtown Chicago and the greater Chicago area look their best every single day through barbershop-quality haircuts, shaves, and other grooming services. But while the cut and style of your hair is crucial to your look, it’s all too easy to forget about color – and we can help with that. Most men shy away from hair coloring because they can only picture bleached blonde or bright colors, but the truth is that hair coloring can be used much more subtly to achieve a polished, professional look. And if you’re ready to go grey gracefully, our grey blending service is the perfect way to do it.

Grey Blending for Men in Chicago

So what exactly is grey blending? Grey blending refers to the practice of using hair coloring treatment to carefully blend in grey hair to an otherwise natural-colored head of hair. Grey blending isn’t about purging all greys from your mane, which requires quite a lot of upkeep. Instead, grey blending helps make your grey hair look more natural, controlled, and all-around aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve noticed a bit of salt in your pepper but don’t want to have to dye your hair regularly, grey blending is the perfect way to control grey hair.

Now the real question you’re asking yourself: should I get grey blending? Grey blending is ideal for men who have a significant amount of grey hair but aren’t completely grey and want to smooth over the transition. While some men will prefer dying their hair entirely and keeping their old color, others will want to incorporate grey into their look tastefully – and that’s exactly what grey blending helps you do.

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Our stylists and barbers are experts at men’s hair dying, and we’ve helped countless men achieve a sophisticated, mature look through grey blending. If you’re ready to take the next step, we’d love to do the same for you. Feel free to schedule a grey blending appointment with us using our easy online form. We’ll help you define exactly what you want from your look, blend in your greys tastefully, and truly own the mantle of “silver fox.”