Professional Straight Razor Shaves in Carmel, IN

At 18|8 Carmel, we’re more than just your neighborhood barbershop: we are your comprehensive partners in style. Our barbers are trained with the best tools and techniques of the trade, and we work tirelessly to help each one of our clients perfect his personal style and look his best every single day of the year. While we pride ourselves on our world-class haircuts, we offer a wide variety of men’s salon grooming services – and few compare to our signature straight razor shaves and beard trims.

Barber giving man a beard trim.

The Classic Straight Razor Shave

At 18|8, our classic straight razor shave is more than just a close shave: it’s our signature barbershop experience. From the moment you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted by a cold beverage from our fully-stocked fridge and the big game playing on our widescreen TVs, giving you everything you need to shake off the stresses of the day-to-day. From there, you’ll be led to your own semi-private grooming station, where you’ll get to experience a shave unlike any you’ve ever had before.

It all starts with a hot towel treatment, helping you relax, opening up your pores, and softening your facial hair for a truly close shave. From there, you’ll get a luxurious hot shave cream lather, which moisturizes and lubricates your skin. Then comes the main event: a classic straight razor shave so close and comfortable you won’t believe we’re even using a blade. Once your face is smoother than it’s been since you were 10 years old, we’ll finish off with an aromatic hot towel treatment to leave you fresh-faced, invigorated, and ready to take on anything. What could possibly be better than that?

Mustache & Beard Trimming

While some may opt for the wildman look, most men prefer to keep their beard and mustache clean and in line – and at 18|8, we are experts. Our professional stylists can help you pick the perfect shape for your beard and mustache followed by a professionally executed trim, to keep your facial hair in shape and growing properly. You can also finalize the look with a razor line-up during which our licensed barber will edge every line to absolute perfection utilizing a precision straight-edge razor. By the end of your treatment, your face will look like a priceless work of art and you’ll feel like a brand-new man.

Head Shaving Services

For some guys, the best look is something bold – and we can help you turn your hair into a powerful statement with our head-shaving services. If you opt for the fierce style of a full head shave, you owe it to yourself to get the best, and at 18|8, that’s what we’re offering. We’ll give you an expert shave so comfortable and close that people will practically be able to see themselves in it – so please do forgive them if they can’t stop staring.

18|8 Shave Package

Feeling like the deluxe treatment? Our 18|8 Shave Package gives you everything you need to completely revitalize your look. You’ll get all the luxury of our Classic Straight Razor Shave plus our signature Executive Haircut experience. It’s a match made in heaven – and when you’re finished, people will swear you must have hurt yourself when you fell down from up there.

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