Fight Hair Loss with Scalp Treatments from 18|8 Carmel

At 18|8 Carmel, we’re more than just a neighborhood hair cutter: we are your comprehensive partners in superb, impeccable style. We take pride in being a one-of-a-kind men’s barbershop, providing a classic barbershop experience and world-class grooming services ranging from world-class haircuts and classic straight shaves to rejuvenating facials and scalp treatments. If you’re looking to improve your style and look your absolute best, you need more than just an incredible haircut – you need thick, luscious hair. Scalp treatments from 18|8 can help.

Why Scalp Treatments Matter for Men

When you think about your hair, chances are you’re only focusing on the cut and style – and don’t get us wrong, that’s important. But to truly look your best and maximize your style, you need more than just well-cut hair: you need healthy, luscious hair, and that starts with a healthy scalp. At 18|8 Carmel, our scalp treatments are designed to give your scalp the vital nutrients, minerals, and hydration it needs, providing the perfect way to treat dandruff, fight hair loss, and keep your hair looking incredible.

Scalpmetics Treatment

Our Scalpmetics Treatment is designed to revitalize your hair from the roots up. This 20-minute treatment uses a proprietary concoction of therapeutic ingredients to moisturize hair to the core, exfoliate the scalp to remove dandruff and provide a booster of critical nutrients to keep the scalp and the hair healthy. Our Scalpmetics treatment will turn fragile, dull hair and an itchy, dry scalp into a healthy, luscious head of hair – and we’ll set you up with a personalized prescription so you can keep your hair healthy long after you walk out of our doors.

The Scalpmetics Package

If you want to truly look your best, you deserve the full package. Our Scalpmetics Package is a one-stop opportunity to completely revitalize your hair. The package combines the complete Scalpmetics Treatment above with our signature 18|8 Executive Style Haircut, plus a rejuvenating head & shoulder massage and a refreshing aromatic hot towel finish to leave you fresh-faced, ready to take on anything, and looking better than ever.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Westfield Barbershop

Your hair is the cornerstone of your style – and if you want to look your best, you need healthy hair and a healthy scalp. Book an appointment online today to schedule your own scalp treatment at 18|8 Carmel, and if you still have questions about our process or our expertise, just give us a call at (317) 763-2188. We’re looking forward to helping you revitalize your scalp, recharge your style, and look like a brand new man.