The Guy’s Guide To Coloring Your Hair

It can be sharp, sleek, and sexy. More and more men are finding their way to the hair salon to experiment with coloring their hair for a fresh new look. Whether you want to cover those gray strands that have started creeping into the mix, add some highlights for summer, or experiment with a totally [...]

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Hairstyle Options for a Receding Hairline

Perhaps one day you looked into the mirror, went to style your hair, and realized that your hair wasn’t as thick as it used to be. Don’t worry—we’ve been there too. The good news is, there are a number of solutions that we offer to help you maintain a full head of hair and keep [...]

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Tips for Thicker Hair (For Men)

Some guys are born with the thick, luscious hair we all dream of – but for many men, battling thin, brittle, or breaking hair is a constant challenge. If you find yourself in the latter camp, don't despair: even if you were born with wispy-thin hair, there's plenty you can do to thicken your strands. [...]

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How to Get the Perfect Shave

At 18|8 Carmel, we’ve taken your standard trip to the barber and transformed it into the best barbershop experience possible! From the moment you step into our Carmel, IN barbershop, you’ll be treated to a cold beverage from our fully-stocked refrigerator and first-class treatment from our team of expert stylists and barbers. From there, you’ll [...]

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Holiday Hairstyle: How to Properly Slick Back Your Hair

Men’s hairstyles come in all different kinds of flavors – crew cuts, undercuts, long hair, shaved heads…you name it. While we at 18|8 Carmel are glad to style your hair just the way you want it, we understand that you won’t be stopping in to see us every day (not that we wouldn’t be glad [...]

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Grooming Products & Their Expiration Dates

Folk wisdom tells us that eggs never go bad – but some things you wouldn't expect to expire have a shelf life that's shorter than you think. At 18|8 Carmel, our mission is to help our customers look and feel their absolute best. So to make sure the 10-year-old sunscreen bottle you're using hasn't gone [...]

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Choosing the Best Men’s Haircut for Your Face Shape

To look your best, you need an impeccable haircut – but what looks model-worthy on one man may be confused and out of proportion on the next. At 18|8 Carmel, we're experts in providing incredible haircuts for men, and we've helped countless men throughout the Carmel and Westfield areas achieve an incredible look through salon-quality [...]

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Why Men Need Facials (Even More Than Women Do)

As a premier barbershop in the Carmel, IN area, we've helped a lot of guys find the perfect haircut and look their absolute best. But 18|8 Carmel more than just a classic-style barbershop – we're a fine men's salon as well, and that means in addition to haircuts and shaves, we also provide salon-style services [...]

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