Beyond Genius - The 12 Essential Traits of Today’s Renaissance Men - Interview with Quincy Jones Photo of Scott Griffiths and Dale Griffiths with Quincy Jones Photo of co author Eric Elfman with Sydney Poitier Photo of Dale Griffiths Stamos, editor, with Quincy Jones Photo of author Scott Griffiths with Sydney Poitier See [...]

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Scott Griffiths, author of “Beyond Genius - The 12 Essential Traits of Today’s Renaissance Men” posing with two of the RenMen featured in the book, Dave Stewart and Frank Nuovo.

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The Albuquerque Journal wrote a fantastic piece on Doug Jones and his new 18|8 Salon in Albuquerque. Check it out:

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Books You Should Read If You Want To Succeed As An Entrepreneur - Business Insider

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spencerlewis: “Hard Gaft has released this amazing dopp kit as a part of their Driftwood collection. The kit is made up of premium Italian suede and cow leather - a combination that makes for an incredibly soft and durable product which will age beautifully over time. As the people over at Hard Gaft put it, this [...]

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