travel apps

Ah travel. The unavoidable nonsense that accompanies business in this great country. Some love it, most loathe it, but to all of us it’s at least bearable if it goes according to plan. So, here are a few apps to smooth away the turbulence…

A personal itinerary builder on your phone. A list of everything in one place. Whatever you call it, TripIt is an essential for anyone travelling anywhere. It will scan your inbox, collate all the details of a trip and string it all together, even working out routes from the airport to your hotel. It’s number one in our travel essentials.

Seat Gutu
It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Before you choose your seat, check on SeatGuru and it will cover everything from proximity to the bathroom, to partial windows, to non-reclining seats. There are traveller pics and it will also find your exact flight, not just an approximate aircraft.

Finding flights is usually done direct with the airline on their website or through someone like Expedia, right? Wrong. Well, it’s wrong if you want to get a complete picture. OnTheFly accesses the same Matrix software that travel agents use and will offer more options than Jelly Babies have flavors. It’s particularly good for multiple stops.

Gate Guru
So you’ve got your seat, your flights are all set and you’re at the airport. The tex mex chain’s burritos look like they’d survive a nuclear winter and the cheese on the fries is creating a yellow glow on the ceiling. So where