I’m in heaven!

My wife and kids just gave me a father’s day present that I’ve been dreaming of for a long time…a Cuisinart Meat Grinder.

If you have never had freshly ground meat made into fresh burgers, taco meat, meat loaf, sausage, steak tartare…you are missing a small part of heaven.  Freshly ground meat – there is nothing finer. 

So, I just finished grinding about six pounds of top sirloin.  We got the sirloin on sale at Von’s for $3.99.  Part of the meat we’re freezing, the other part is going on the grill in an hour.  I’m still experimenting, so I left a fair amount of fat on the grind.  You need some fat for the meat on the barbecue so you’ll attract the flame to the meat and get a good searing to lock in flavor.

I even tasted some of the fresh lean sirloin as it came out of the grinder.  Wow!  Like delicious steak tartare.  Can’t wait to get some filet mignon – add a little lemon, parsley, some onions, and capers that apply liberally over freshly toasted baguette.   Yum.

I’m looking forward to having guests, or my kids’ college friends over.  Then grind their burgers on the spot.  Way cool.

See links below for YouTube video on the Cuisinart Meat Grinder and also a steak tartare recipe on video.



P.S. Check out my finished burgers made from the fresh grounded sirloin! Delicious…