Man Bun Image 1
Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth, Jake Gyllenhaal, Russell Brand — the list of male celebrities not afraid of a little hair elastic keeps growing and growing. Clearly, the man bun is here to stay, particularly if the lads of Hollywood have anything to do with it.

From swirling top knots to small, doubled-over ponytails at the base of the neck, the man bun can take several different forms, and work for hair of a various lengths. And this increasingly popular new hairstyle for guys has spawned many a Tumblr site, hashtag and Buzzfeed article. One Buzzfeed piece even traced the history of the man bun, revealing Buddha to be one of the first icons to sport the style! On social media, one Instagram user has even claimed an entire day of the week – Man Bun Monday – to share photos of guys who put the man in man bun.

Often the effortless-looking and practical hairstyle is paired with a spectacular beard, an edgy undercut, a smattering of tattoos or just a general air of assuredness, which is keeping the man bun placed firmly in cool guy territory. While we’re becoming increasingly accustomed to seeing man buns on the red carpet, it is less common to see the hairstyle on the big screen. But actor Jake Gyllenhaal made the style a feature of his character in the recent film Nightcrawler. In the film, Gyllenhaal brought to life a desperate, sociopathic man whose personality made him disturbingly good at capturing grisly crime scenes on video and selling the footage to cable news networks.

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