If you believe as I do that life is something special and becomes more special when we squeeze as much nectar from it as possible. To be curious is to be interested or intrigued. To be interested is to be interesting as being intrigued is to be intriguing. If you believe that education comes from a book and your experiences; enjoy the arts, cooking, fine foods; a handmade super-180 suit, a fine 25 year old Macallan’s with a vintage Cohiba; travel to other countries to study their languages and cultures; business is what you create and build (not what you just manage)…then this site is for you. I will, along with my team and our readers, will be posting articles on great recipes for guys, exploring the subject of renaissance men, interesting, intriguing, and useful articles and tips on art, wine, spirits, travel, restaurants, and grooming. This Blog is for you as interesting and intriguing men…and those on the path to becoming more interesting and intriguing.