Klein Epstein & Parker- Contemporary Custom Clothiers

Klein Epstein & Parker- Contemporary Custom ClothiersThese guys really have a very interesting business model and is being used as a case study in my class at Pepperdine for my MBA students - Scott

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The Big Black Book’s Essentials for Fall 2012 Read more: Men’s Clothes Fall 2012 – The Big Black Book’s Essentials for Fall 2012 – Esquire

Wondering how to look your best this fall.. check out these latest trends! -Alexa >

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Fifteen Stylish Gifts for Under $100

Smart, affordable upgrades for your brother, your coworker, your friend — or pretty much any other guy on your list this year. Plus, an abundance of clever gift ideasfor everyone on the shopping list.

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40 Essential Travel Items For Any Trip – Business Insider

Not that you’d ever pack all 40—but a quick review of this list of travel accessories should help you remember the essentials no matter what kind of trip you’re taking. 1. Your smartphone (or iTouch or similar) can be used in place of a bunch of individual travel accessories: maps, GPS, currency exchange converter, translation [...]

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15 Grooming Products Worth Splurging On

After you stock up on your essentials, these are the things which cost a little extra but are actually worth seeking out Click here to see the entire luxury products they recommend https://www.esquire.com/the-side/style-guides/best-expensive-grooming-products-2012#ixzz2AkWKrkfu

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More Than a Box

A humidor is a good investment, even for the occasional cigar indulger    The Davidoff Macassar Dome FOR MOST FOLKS, sparking up a stogie is only a sometimes thing, reserved for special occasions—the birth of a child, a wedding or having successfully returned from the Caribbean with a computer case filled with (wink, wink) “exotic” [...]

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Very interesting infographic – Men’s Skin Care

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What Does Your Shoe Say About You?

What Does Your Shoe Say About You? I’m told, women start at the shoes and work their way up.. Better think twice before strapping on that ratty old pair of kicks. Get this: After looking at photos of shoes, college students at the University of Kansas could accurately ballpark the owners’ age, gender, income, and [...]

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Men skin-care products you will want to try

Reviewed: Gillette Fusion ProSeries Thermal Facial Scrub, Dove Men+Care Deep Clean, Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Face Scrub, Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub. For the man deciding to embark on a responsible skin-care regimen (or for the woman deciding on his behalf), the flood of new products to the market over the last year and a half [...]

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Timeline: Men and their grooming habits

Interesting article I am sure all of you will appreciate. Men’s evolution from the clean-shaven look, to the 5’oclock shadow, and from the preppy haircuts back to the straggly no-shower hair. How far have you come since those days? - The 18/8 Man. 30,000 BC: Stone Age man begins using sharpened flint and seashells to scrape the hair [...]

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