What Steve Jobs Meant to Me, You, and All of Us

What Steve Jobs Meant to Me, You, and All of Us Definitely an 18/8 Man By Peter Moore, Editor, Men’s Health Here we are, stuck in an era of chronic joblessness, and we lose the most important one of all: A guy named Steve. Millions of us learned of his death on user-pleasing machines his [...]

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Best Smartphones Of The Year – Business Insider

Best Smartphones Of The Year - Business InsiderI’ve been an iPhone fan.  However, the competitive offerings are starting to look very tempting - Scott Now that we’ve reached the halfway point of the year, it’s worth taking a look at the best smartphones we’ve seen so far. Most of these phones were introduced at the [...]

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Principles of Style: #259 – The proper way to pack your technology for a business trip

    1) Before you leave, make sure that your laptop, phone, iPad, kindle…anything that takes a charge, is actually charged…2) If you plan on working from the road through a VPN…test that you can connect to your company network before you leave for your trip…3) Learn how to tether your laptop to your phone…in case [...]

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The Whole World In Your Hands.

  Coach Hugo Guinness Collection If you like Coach’s stuff but have been looking for a happy medium between its plain leather and pattern-covered offerings, look no further than the new Coach Hugo Guinness Collection ($70-$400). Each item in the collection — which includes wallets, totes, a sunglass case, an iPad case, a pouch, a [...]

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