Tips for the Perfect Shave –

Tips for the Perfect Shave - WSJ.comMore Blades Equal a Better Shave In general, yes, say shaving experts. Five blades is the current gold standard among razor makers, engaged in a blade arms race. Blade design: Bic’s Hybrid 4 has flexible blades designed to adjust to the contours of the skin. But blade design may [...]

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Hard Gaft Dopp Kit

spencerlewis: “Hard Gaft has released this amazing dopp kit as a part of their Driftwood collection. The kit is made up of premium Italian suede and cow leather - a combination that makes for an incredibly soft and durable product which will age beautifully over time. As the people over at Hard Gaft put it, [...]

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10 Plays For The Perfect Shave

When you look better, you feel better, and perform better. -18|8 Fine Men’s Salons 10 Plays For The Perfect Shave No.10 Shave With A Hydrating Shave Gel #10 Too many men think shaving is an offensive play with a man in motion. Experienced players know a good shave is the backbone of a zone [...]

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