Stabilization Won’t Save Us

THE fiscal cliff is not really a “cliff”; the entire country won’t fall into the ocean if we hit it. Some automatic tax cuts will expire; the government will be forced to cut some expenditures. The cliff is really just a red herring. Likewise, any last-minute deal to avoid the spending cuts and tax increases [...]

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Business Lessons From Casablanca

Business Lessons From Casablanca A little bit of stretch for an analogy.  However, I like Casablanca so much, and, Rick is absolutely an 18/8 Man…so I’m posting   -Scott ————— One mistake many companies make is emphasizing short-term profit at the expense of long-term value. In squeezing every dollar out of a business today, the companies [...]

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5 Leadership Lessons From Tim Cook – Business Insider

Tim Cook—unlike his predecessor, Steve Jobs—famously doesn’t crave the spotlight. So his most recent interview with Businessweek, which appears as a the magazine’s cover story, offered a rare glimpse into Cook’s life as CEO of Apple. The discussion ranged from product design to manufacturing; he announced the company will expand its manufacturing operation in the [...]

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