The Real Reason We Can’t Stop Talking About Steve Jobs – Forbes

The Real Reason We Can't Stop Talking About Steve Jobs - Forbes Why do we remain so obsessed with Steve Jobs a year after his untimely death? Sure, a large part is that Jobs was a business legend who built what is now one of the most valuable companies in the world, thanks to innovative, appealing products ranging from Apple‘s Mac and iPod to the [...]

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How to Be a Man of the World

I found this list the other day and I thought I would share it on my column. I believe these are 10 steps every man should follow to become a better man, even perhaps an 18/8 man. Not only do incorporating these pieces of advice make you a better person, but they also make you [...]

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Ask Alexa – Adore and Adorn

Men want to be appreciated; women want to be adored, but also adorned. It’s that simple. But what does it mean to adore? And, what does it mean to adorn a woman? Adore may be a term most are more familiar with and an easier subject to understand. Adore is the way your eyes light [...]

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Ten Hotels With Museum-Worthy Art Galleries

Ten Hotels With Museum-Worthy Art GalleriesRead the original post on There’s a reason tourists flock to museums while on vacation: time goes by way too fast in the real world for individuals to set hours to wander an art gallery. And even if vacay is prime time to explore various museums wherever you may [...]

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Sir Richard Branson

The daredevil mogul on why he breaks bread with his enemies and wants the necktie abolished THERE ARE BUSINESS TRAVELERS—and there is Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin Group founder, known as much for his death-defying stunts in balloons and boats as for his ventures, spends much of his very busy life in transit. The entrepreneur [...]

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10 Super Successful Cofounders And Why Their Partnerships Worked

10 Super Successful Cofounders And Why Their Partnerships WorkedNot all entrepreneurs need co-founders, but many successful companies — including Apple, eBay, and Twitter — were built by multiple leaders with productive relationships.  How did these individuals find their business counterparts? And what made their combined skill-sets a recipe for success?  Not surprisingly, many were long-time [...]

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