If you’re looking for a place to settle down in the future, head west to Utah, which was recently ranked the most “forward-looking” state in the U.S. by Gallup.

Gallup recently ranked the most and least livable states in America.

They factored in 13 elements—such as clean water, safe places to exercise, and how well you are treated by your boss—to determine the future livability of each state.

The study determined how livable a state is by the economy, job prospects and personal finances along with quality-of-life components like obesity rates, smoking, and how many trips residents made to the dentist.

Utah topped the list because of its low smoking habits, access to clean and safe water, and positive work environment. People from Utah also said that they learn something new or interesting on any given day and feel that their cities are “getting better” rather than “getting worse.”

Minnesota and Colorado came in second and third, respectively, as the best places to live in the future.

West Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky rank at the bottom of the worst states to live in the future.