I’ve posted and will be posting articles on trends in men’s hair/grooming/style. Many of the articles and much of the information should be useful to reference. Some, such as the recent movie/documentary by Morgan Spurlock continues a disturbing trend of pandering and patronizing the male ego. Terms like ‘metrosexual’ may make sense for segmenting a market for internal analysis of male market trends. But as a term that has moved to the vernacular, I would find it silly and soon forgotten, if it would not have been grabbed and blasted by the media. Through all my research and male centric brands that I’ve created and worked on – 18/8 Fine Men’s Salons, Mitch for Men, Ace Grooming Products, Rhino Chasers Microbrewery, I’ve identified ten clearly defined men’s segments, from ‘The Titan’, to the ‘Do It Yourselfer’, to ‘Eco Friendly’. However, I rarely use these terms in consumer communications. A word like ‘Metro-Sexual’ in the media robs men of their masculinity rather than appreciating the more sensitive side of men. Now we have the movie ‘Mansome’ that continues in the same vein as the metrosexual theme revealing a couple of guys that essentially act like, well… women. Read, and in some cases, enjoy and use the information provided – courtesy of The 18/8 Man.