Ready to start your morning with an enlightened spirit, rather than the feelings of a rude-awakening? We each may have our daily routines to jump-start every morning, but in any case if coffee is part of yours make sure to keep on reading to find out my secret to the best cup of coffee. Just the perfect way to feel alive, invigorated, and ready to plow through the rest of your day.

If you attempt to brew the best coffee you can make, don’t pretend it can be done with the ground beans you’ve had in your cupboard from over a month ago or with an instant coffee maker. Getting the right tools and best coffee beans may require additional effort on your part, but trust me, it will definitely be worth it.

What you’ll need:

-Quality Whole Beans

Good, fresh whole coffee beans will have the greatest effect on the taste of your coffee. While you may find decent and even quality beans at some of the better markets, I make a trip to a gourmet coffee shop, typically Peet’s,  and ask which are the freshest beans. At Peets, they are typically delivered to the stores every Friday.  But, they regularly get a special shipment of beans – such as the lovely Blue Batak.

Don’t be shy to elicit support from the baristas, as they will probably teach you more about coffee than anyone else ever will. The fresh roasted beans you choose should delight your senses and be smooth and well shaped. Don’t be afraid to squeeze the bag for a whiff of that, oh so stimulating aroma! (I even leave the beans in my car for a day, just to get all that aroma filling the air of my SUV as I make the day’s visits to my salons). Choosing the perfect beans for your taste may be as complex, or simple, as choosing your soul mate, but once you do it’s smooth-sailing from there. I personally like fresh Peets Columbian beans, which deliver a flavor that tends to be rich, robust, and with a lot of body, without being bitter or sour.

-Electric Coffee Grinder

Now that you have the perfect whole beans (or so you hope), you will need an electric grinder to grind them yourself every morning before making your coffee. By doing this the beans keep their flavor as contact to air is limited. I use a Braun electric grinder, which holds 2.5 oz of coffee beans. You can read the following article on the top coffee grinders if you need help which one best fits your needs: Top 8 Coffee Grinders.

You will need to experiment with the ratio of coffee beans to water, but in my case I have found that when I fill up my grinder cup to the brim with beans, then these will brew a full put of a medium French press. Also, you will want to grind them to a fine coarse grind (not too fine that if passes through the mesh plunger). Don’t be discouraged if the first grind isn’t perfect as this takes experimentation.

Moreover, since you went through the trouble of buying the freshest coffee beans, make sure to keep them this way by storing them in an airtight container.

-French Press

If you know something about coffee you probably know French presses have long been associated with the best brewing methods, as they allow more control throughout the process. The French press you will need depends on your coffee needs since you may be brewing a single cup or five for your entire family. Bodum French presses are always a great option as they perform well, come in a variety of sizes, and are durable and easy to clean.