I found this list the other day and I thought I would share it on my column. I believe these are 10 steps every man should follow to become a better man, even perhaps an 18/8 man. Not only do incorporating these pieces of advice make you a better person, but they also make you more attractive to women.

Go over the list and see how many of these you’re already doing, and which ones you could improve on.. 


  • 1 Know your stuff. A worldly-wise man knows things, lots of things. Read books, talk to interesting people, and debate a wide variety of topics. Keep up to date with current affairs by reading a daily newspaper. It doesn’t take a lot of these kind of actions for others to notice and listen intently as you display your vast knowledge. Also, the ability to read body language is useful, particularly when analyzing the opposite sexes’ impression of you. Be interesting in, and know enough about Art and Philosophy.
  • Be independent. Drive a car, and know how to look after yourself. Be financially secure, and own your own place.
  • 3 Travel (Before and after University can be particularly helpful for this). See the world, experience things, other cultures. This is a major step in becoming interesting. Immerse yourself in foreign cultures and come back from travels having ‘seen the world’, having done things. You should be able to show people this in many different ways, for example, in a bar, have a sophisticated alcoholic drink that is known as an acquired taste (e.g. Guinness over lager).
  • Be fit. An interesting, intelligent person is almost always relatively fit, it shows you care about your health and can look after yourself. Playing a sport helps. Health and fitness also give you a certain energy, and add to your presence with both the ladies and the guys.
  • Play an instrument. This is particularly effective, and yet very accessible. The Piano is a particularly good one. Learn different styles and show them off, this makes for a very interesting person.
  • Have presence. This can be achieved in a number of ways: have immaculate manners, be charming, and smell good. Know how to dance, and well. A very important step is to have a decent handshake. This is a classic greeting that when done wrongly sets a bad first impression (Limp handshake = limp personality). Be firm, but not too bone-crushingly aggressive. Know how to counter someone who has a dominant handshake (palm down). Another important step is knowing how to order wine in a restaurant. Basically, the top tip is to match the origin country of the food type you are eating with the origin country of the wine (e.g. French wine for French food).
  • Be fashionable and stylish. You don’t have to be a ‘fashionista’ for this. Essentials like knowing how to iron a shirt properly, wear a suit properly, tie a bow-tie properly and having a proper pair of shoes will do. Own an expensive watch. You don’t have to spend loads of money on your fashion sense and clothes, but don’t go cheap.
  • Be multilingual. If you aren’t al