What on earth could grooming possibly have to do with flying? Well, if you want to feel fantastic at the end of a flight, rather than deplaning in that stale, stinky state you’re used to, then grooming can be a massive help.

First and foremost, get yourself one of those small 3fl.oz. plastic bottles with a spray attachment and fill it with water. A mist of water in-flight is about the only time we’d tolerate anything like that, but it’s heavenly and your skin will love you for it.

Take a moisturizer with you that you like and preferably one that doesn’t soak into your skin too quickly. That’s probably the kind you wouldn’t use normally – we’re not used to oils and the like sitting on top of the skin, creating a barrier against the elements, but that’s exactly what you need on a flight. When smoking was prohibited, airlines changed the way they filtered the air in the cabins, so that (except for the very latest 787 Dreamliner) the air circulation is only 30% of the level it was at before. Yes, lung cancer was a real danger, but you probably got fresher air! So, lather on a decent helping of whatever works for you – even try some oil – it’s great on a plane.

Now while we certainly don’t advocate a ton of aftershave, cologne or especially your partner’s tuna and egg sandwich, a small quantity of smell is a good plan. Try a little aromatherapy oil dabbed on your wrists and neck. Don’t go crazy, this isn’t the perfume department at Saks Fifth Avenue, but they will not only make you feel fresher, but will allow your nose to pick them up, as opposed to the guy next to you who didn’t shower in last 2 days.

Next up are your eyes. Take some lubricating eye drops with you and apply once before take off and then every 3 hours depending on flight length. They suffer as much as anything else. While we’re on the subject of lubrication, a bloody mary or two (the flyer’s stable) can be relaxing and enjoyable but eight whiskies and two glasses of wine are going to dry you out like a hike through the Sahara in nothing but your speedos. If you are a flying drinker, hydrate internally as well as externally. Two glasses of water between drinks will aid you enormously.

Combine all, or at least some of these together and you won’t believe the difference at your destination. Finally, a quick non-grooming, frequent flyer’s tip: Be nice to the cabin staff even if they’re a little gruff and then when you