What Faith predicted:


“Male vanity or ‘manity’ is going mass. Men from every demographic group are realizing they won’t lose their machismo by caring about or improving how they look. Watch for the growth of numerous male institutions once reserved for women, such as Men’s Day Spas and Salons (Malons), offering an extensive selection of relaxation and grooming treatments and services specifically for men; these business may eventually become the networking hubs of the future.”

What we got:

While no one’s calling them “malons,” male salons are becoming more popular, though they existed before Popcorn predicted them. The male salon chain American Male opened in Reading, Pa., in 1997 as a lab for beauty supply company Raylon to better understand male customers. The salon caught on, and 15 locations are now open nationwide. But for a true taste of what a “malon” can be, we turn to Knoxville, Tenn., deep in the heart of red state America, where Gentlemen’s Top Cuts, which opened in early 2008, mixes Spike-TV (Beer! High-def sports! Attractive women dancing on the bar!) with Oxygen (facials, massages and waxing).