2015 Sports Half-Time Report

Let’s look back, now that we’re over halfway through the year, at the best in sports for 2015 so far. Purely by the numbers, sports this year have already been record-breaking. Super Bowl 49 was the most-watch and highest-rated TV program in 30 years, and the NFL had 9 of the 10 most-watched sporting events [...]

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Staying Wrinkle-Free on the Go

If you travel on business, or even on vacation to a destination requiring formal attire (upscale restaurants, weddings), then you’ve had to deal with the ‘Suit Packing Conundrum’: A) Wear it on the plane, endure being uncomfortable and possibly fall victim to spills and creases besmirching your best jacket, or B) Pack it and just [...]

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Teleworking Tactics for Today’s World

As the 21st century evolves, so does the work environment. More and more companies are moving away from the so-very-last-century practice of gathering all the minions in a cubicle farm and are replacing physical boundaries with technological ties. A 2014 study found that 38% of employers allow at least some employees to work from home [...]

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Griff’s – Proud Sponsor of the California Gold Vintage Surfboard Auction

18|8 Fine Men's Salons newest all natural men's styling and grooming product line Griff's, will be THE presenting sponsor of the California Gold Vintage Surfboard Auction taking place on September 26, 2015 in Culver City, Los Angeles where some of the world’s most valuable surfboards will be auctioned off to some of the world’s most [...]

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6 Habits of Creative People

Creativity can seem complicated, paradoxical and unknowable. Neuroscience has broken down the right/left brain dichotomy where the right brain is responsible for creativity and the left side for rational thought. No, the other left! But creativity is a fusion of cognitive processes, personality traits, habits and societal influences. So while there is no one creative [...]

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A Man, A Plan, and A Knife

Whether you’re a devotee of delivery or you’re mastering the art of French cooking, there is a knife for you. Survival obsessives look away now, we’re talking culinary cutters. Every kitchen needs knives that are long lasting, strong, sharp and rust resistant. A dull, cheap knife is not just inconvenient and frustrating, but dangerous - [...]

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