….because cardiologists need to make a living too!

This is a fabulously simple, hearty, quick, delicious dish that you should feel thoroughly guilty about as you go for your third helping.  It’s got everything to make your taste buds say YES! and your heart to say NO!!!!

The best way to prepare this dish is to take large baked potatoes that were previously cooked, put in the refrigerator so they’re cold.

Take three large baked potatoes, and smash/cut into irregular chunks.  Put into super hot skillet, preferably a black skillet.  The skillet should have been coated with olive oil that is also sizzling hot.

Put the potatoes in, cover, and let fry so they are crispy on bottom.  Every 3-5 minutes, toss so as to crisp in other areas.  Add salt and pepper for seasoning.

Then add a quarter of cube of butter, let melt, as you are flipping the potatoes.

Meanwhile, there’s more fun in your other black skillet.  This one is frying up generous amounts of thick-cut apple smoked bacon.  Cook up 6 – 10 strips.  Let your conscience be your guide as to quantity.  You might just say 10 – Hail Mary’s and make it 12.

Back at the ranch, add a half pound of grated sharp cheddar cheese to the potatoes, cover pan, and reduce heat to low.


  • six to eight stalks of scallions
  • sour cream – quantity – your choice
  • chopped jalapenos – Ole
  • hot sauce – go for it
  • avocado – why not
  • diced tomatoes – two or three whole tomatoes

Be sure to set aside $300 for extra time you’ll need to spend with your private trainer.