Once the province of National Geographic and the likes of Edmund Hillary or Jacque Cousteau, adventure travel is now an equal opportunity trip. You don’t even have the leave the U.S. to find some of the most awesome adventures on. Here are few ideas to add to your bucket list:

Surfing: Jaws, Hawaii

Jaws, located on Maui’s North Shore, is one of the biggest surf spots in the world. Literally. The waves can top out at 60 to 70 feet. If you’re not a master wave rider, bring some binoculars and marvel at the pros from a safe distance.

Kayaking: Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

Yet another reason to visit Hawaii (in case you needed any more). The 17-mile coastal rainforest is perfect for viewing from a kayak. This is a pretty doable adventure, as it takes about 6 hours and requires some upper body strength, but is otherwise relatively straightforward.

Hiking: Zion National Park, Utah

There’s a whole range of potential trails in Zion National Park, appropriate for all levels of hiker. The standard is along the 16-mile Virgin River Canyon, where rock walls can hit 2,000 feet. You’ll even be walking through a river for part of the hike.

Hiking: Appalachian Trail

If 16 miles is just a stroll in the park for you, how does 2,160 covering from Georgia to Maine sound? Or you can pick a section, such as the Presidential Range of White Mountains. This 26-mile jaunt goes across several peaks, including Mount Washington, and has astonishing views.

Climbing: Joshua Tree, California

If you’d rather see your rocks REALLY close up, Joshua Tree has over 400 formations and 8,000 potential climbing routes waiting for you. There are places for just about every level of ability, but previous experience will help you get the most out of all this National Park has to offer.

Mountain Biking,: Kokopelli Trail

There are lots of way to climb, and the Kokopelli trail is a 142-mile route from Colorado to Utah that will take you up over 8,000 feet. Just remember to bring your own water. And a power bar or two.

Llama Trekking: Hoover Wilderness Area

This one is if you’re up for something completely different. The coolest way to cover the 42,800 acre area in California’s High Sierra region is accompanied by a pack llama. They’re environmentally friendly and perfect built for the arid landscape. You’ll need to sign up with an excursion to experience this one, unless you happen to be able to bring your own llama. (BYOL?)

Image Source: https://llamapackers.com