Men want to be appreciated; women want to be adored, but also adorned. It’s that simple. But what does it mean to adore? And, what does it mean to adorn a woman? Adore may be a term most are more familiar with and an easier subject to understand. Adore is the way your eyes light up when you look at her; the things you do to make her feel special; how you listen; how you hold her hand in public because you are proud of her; how you’re willing to change to show your flexibility. You may think these gestures are old fashioned, even corny.  But women still love it, because all we really want  to know is how much you care. What makes us the happiest is when we know you think about us more than yourself and we feel as if you believe that our happiness is your peace of mind.

‘Adorn’…that’s a little more complicated. So what does it mean to adorn that special person in your life? The definition of adorn is ‘making something more beautiful or attractive’. Maybe you interpret adorn as buying her something expensive. However, although women greatly appreciate nice gifts, that will not win or keep her heart. The true meaning of adorn comes from giving something of yourself that she can keep – because it is a piece of you.  And because it was special for you it will be very special for her. It all comes down to the meaning of things and the value it brings. Some things may have no financial value, but it is the story and heritage that makes it priceless.

For example, a few years ago one of my friends received this piggy bank sculpture from her boyfriend. His brother had made it and it was beautifully decorated with puffy paint in small swirls forming a very intricate pattern; so perfect and precise it was hard to believe it was handmade. Clearly an amazing piece of art, the result of many hours of hard work. When she received this gift she couldn’t have been more appreciative, having described it as the most special gift she had ever received from her significant other. She knew how incredibly important the art piece was to her boyfriend and the fact that he had chosen it as a gift for her. The gesture had more meaning and more value than any expensive present she could’ve received.

So back to you, my 18/8 Man.  Do these things.  Never cease to adore her and give her something special from your heart so she feels adorned. 

I promise that you will feel appreciated and you will have a deep and enduring love.