Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2015 10:32 am

Hughes Landing soon will be home to a new business where men can get haircuts—but it’s not a traditional barbershop, and it’s not a traditional salon. Rather, 18 8 markets itself as a “fine men’s salon,” providing a full array of grooming services, from haircuts to pedicures, in a setting geared towards men.55d5f3cd22089.image

“The buzzword we use is that we’re the ‘reinvention’ of the barbershop,” said The Woodlands franchisee John-Michael Stern. “We’re not just a shave and go.”

One element that sets 18 8 apart from many other barbershops is its focus on customers as individuals. Haircuts take place in semi-private rooms. Instead of using guards on hair clippers and running them across a client’s head, stylists at 18 8 carefully contour the style to the client’s head shape.