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10 Plays For The Perfect Shave

No.10 Shave With A Hydrating Shave Gel

#10 Too many men think shaving is an offensive play with a man in motion. Experienced players know a good shave is the backbone of a zone defense, and the middle linebacker here is a hydrating shave gel. Keeping your pores soaked and th­­­e whiskers at attention help your razor glide across your jawline for a smoother shave.

#9 No.9 Balance Your Diet

This is a multifaceted play that will take some practice before you get it right, so let’s break it down.

First, drink less diuretics. Aside from dehydrating you and making you feel panicked most of the day, diuretics like pop also contribute to sleepless nights and anxiety, which are never good for you or your skin.

Second, choose a salad instead of fries. It’s this simple: Poor circulation means poor skin. If your blood can flow freely, then all the oxygen and nutrients you take in will move to your skin and other organs more efficiently. Fried foods slow down circulation and result in pale, grungy skin.

Third, eat less meat. It takes a long time to digest, and while you still need protein, you also need to up your fruits and vegetables intake. Fruits with plenty of water help to hydrate you and provide nutrients. Vegetables, while nutritious, also help to clean your digestive tract of toxins, which ultimately make their way to your skin and the rest of your organs. A healthy diet prevents this from occurring. Now, put all of these in motion, and you have an unstoppable defensive line.

No.8 Exfoliate Every Other Day       Shaving with a blade helps to exfoliate your beard areas, but you still have to worry about your nose, forehead and the skin behind your ears and along your neck. These areas and those you shave should be exfoliated every other day in the shower to scruff away dead skin cells and clean clogged pores. Think of exfoliating as the defensive audible play you call when you know your skin has had a rough couple of days.

No.7 Apply An Aftershave Balm With A Moisturizer

Yes, your dad and grandfather used an abrasive aftershave that stung. Even your uncles might swear by it, but they also played with leather helmets and no face masks. Nothing should sting after you shave, and if it does, then you’ve done something wrong. Using a moisturizing aftershave balm is the play you call right after a great shave 

No.6 Use Sunscreen

Get this through your head now: You need sunscreen all year. Even if you already have a tan, you still need it to protect the deeper layers of your skin. How much you use and where you put it depends on the offensive positions of the sun and weather.

No.5 Exercise

Getting your blood flowing around your body is beneficial for your entire being, but your skin will literally come alive when it gets fresh oxygen quickly. Even if you can’t get to the gym every few days, a quick walk every day will do you good. Just put some hustle into it