4 Best Foods for Skin and Hair Health

At our Austin barbershop, we provide a wealth of services to maintain the health of our clients’ skin and hair. These services include scalp treatments, organic men’s face treatment, waxing and men’s haircuts. However, the truth is skin and hair health begins at home with the foods you eat. Here are four best foods [...]

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How To Properly Trim Your Beard?

Taking good care of your hair plays a major role in looking and feeling your best. A fresh cut and style can really put you back on your game, feeling stylish and confident. One important aspect that should not be overlooked, however, is keeping your beard clean and trimmed. While sitting back and letting your [...]

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New Year, New Grooming Tips

2019 is upon us, and that means guys everywhere are drafting New Year's resolution lists and starting to make changes for the better. But in between setting up that gym membership and reading up on healthy recipes, the new year is an ideal time to revisit your grooming regimen. At 18|8 Austin, our mission is [...]

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Trending Haircuts For 2019

The New Year is a time for out with the old, in with the new – and that means it may be time to rethink your hairstyle. While there's nothing wrong with keeping it classic, 2019 will see a flood of new hairstyle trends for men, and that makes for a perfect opportunity to try [...]

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How to Destress During the Holidays?

At 18|8 Austin, our mission is to help the men of Austin perfect their look and style with world-class barbershop and grooming services. But as any true style connoisseur knows, your look is about more than just your haircut: everything from sleep to stress levels affects the way you look and feel. With the holidays [...]

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Your Style Guide For Date Attire

At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons in Austin, our style team knows how daunting a first date can be! From proper grooming, to picking out a great outfit, nailing down a solid look is crucial to making a lasting impression...and for landing a second date! When planning for your first date, make sure to kick things [...]

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How to Relax: A Guide For Men

Managing Stress To Be At Your Best While most people accept stress as just an unavoidable part of their daily life, letting your stress levels get too high can start to have more detrimental effects on your body than just your typical anxiety and discomfort. Left unchecked, stress can start to negatively affect things like [...]

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How to Grow a Long Beard

Growing a long and healthy beard requires more than just letting the hair grow out. If you put minimum effort into growing your beard, it’s going to show, with a face covered in hair that’s dry, dull, and leaves you looking crazy instead of classy. Growing a normal length beard takes a lot of patience [...]

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How To Tie The Perfect Bow Tie

When it comes to formal occasions, your traditional necktie doesn’t come close to the bow tie. Even James Bond, the ultimate gentleman spy, wouldn’t be caught without his signature tuxedo and black bow tie as he took down the bad guys. However, while the bow tie was only a necessity for those black tie events, [...]

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