Men’s Nail Treatment

The “Man” In Manicure

While speaking and behaving like a gentleman is essential, the final part of the package is your grooming. Our professional haircuts and straight-razor shaves can get you on the right track, but our nail treatments for men are the finishing touch. Designed for men, our Brookhaven and Atlanta salons offer complete grooming for men throughout the area.

The 18|8 Manicure

The 18|8 Man-icure is a special nail treatment for men, lasting about 30 minutes. After we set you up in your own semi-private station, we’ll care for you nails and cuticles, apply a hand mask, gently scrub to soften the skin, and end with a relaxing massage for your hands and arms.
In addition to our standard nail treatment, we also offer the Manicure Grooming Package. Revitalize your whole look by coupling our men’s manicure with our signature Executive Style haircut. Our professional hair stylists will work with you to show off your style, ending your service with a soothing, aromatic hot towel treatment.

Men’s Manicure Process

Our nail treatment is simple and straightforward, offering you the most efficient and enjoyable grooming for men in the Atlanta area.

  1. Cut the nail—Using a nail clipper, we trim the white part of each nail in a way that decreases the likelihood of hangnails.
  2. File the nail edges – After trimming, we will file the edges to give them a clean, professional look.
  3. Cuticle care—Using a cuticle clipper, we carefully remove extra cuticle where your nails meet your skin. Caring for your cuticles helps your nails and fingers stay healthy, and it helps you avoid swelling or hang nails. Depending on the state of your cuticles, the process may include using a cuticle stick to gently push the extra skin back towards the skin.
  4. Exfoliate—We will gently scrub your hands to remove dead skin and leave you with soft, well-groomed hands.
  5. Hand mask—Hand masks are like a deep-conditioning treatment for your hands. After we apply the mask, we let it sit and moisturize your hands for a few minutes. After it’s removed, you will immediately feel and see a difference in your hands’ appearance and comfort.

Whether you come for the men’s nail treatment or take advantage of the Manicure Grooming Package, we guarantee it will be a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling (a