Our Heritage

Deer1913 in Sheffield, England, Harry Brearley discovered that adding 18% chromium and 8% nickel added to steel eliminated the tendency for it to oxidize and rust. The formula, known as 18|8, transformed steel into better looking and better performing steel. What was ordinary, became extraordinary.

Looking For The Best Men’s Salon Near You?

Well, you’ve found it! At 18|8 we have reinvented the barbershop to fit the needs of modern men. In other words, our in-salon experience is redesigned to bring out the best in men. From our semi-private stations, to our complimentary beer and wine, we have created a sanctuary for you to come in, relax, and enjoy the best haircut or grooming service of your choice. Therefore, when you leave our salon, you’ll leave relaxed and recharged for the days ahead.

Our Mission

Just as 18|8 makes steel look and perform better, similarly, our vision and mission at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons is to help successful men transform themselves to look, feel and perform their best. Thanks to our expertise in men’s hair care, styling, grooming products and consultation, we provide the best services in a relaxing environment. Most importantly, 18|8 has become the trusted place for men to have a professional grooming experience.

Reinventing the Men’s Barbershop